卢耀辉 传道


Minister Yaohui Lu has been serving as the Pearland campus minister since 2018. He was born in China and came to United States in 1996 for graduate school together with his wife. He came to know Christ through the campus ministry in Georgia Tech and was baptized in Atlanta Chinese Christian Church in 1997. As he started to work as a Chemical Engineer after graduation, minister Yaohui also started to take seminary classes as a part-time student in Biblical Theological Seminary. In 2007 when he attended an evangelical meeting in Philadelphia by Stephen Tong, he answered the challenge to serve God  at full-time basis if God calls him to do so. After ten years of exploring, struggling, confirming, and preparing, he finally put down his profession job in 2017 and got ready to serve God full-time.  Minister Yaohui graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a ThM degree in 2018. He  and his wife has two children. Their daughter, Anna, has graduated from UT-Austin and is preparing for the law school; their son, Philip, is attending Texas A&M as a freshman.   



卢耀辉传道从2018年正式开始在梨城教会服侍。卢传道和师母1996年一起来到美国求学。他们在校园团契中认识主耶稣基督并于1997年在亚特兰大华人基督教会受洗。2000年卢传道化学工程专业博士毕业后开始在工业界工作。2007年在唐崇荣费城布道会上蒙神呼召愿意成为全时间传道人,经过十年的寻求和预备终于在2017年放下工作全时间进入神学院学习。2018年卢传道从达拉斯神学院获得神学硕士学位。卢传道和师母育有两个孩子。女儿从UT-Austin大学毕业后现在预备就读法学院,儿子就读于Texas A&M




Jerry Wong 黄祖翔 弟兄 


Facility 总务




Brother Jerry Wong came from Malaysia. Jerry and his wife Sophia have been married for a decade and have two lovely daughters, Emma and Anna. Brother Jerry was baptized in 2001 and Sophia accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and baptized in 2008. In 2013, Lord brought Jerry and his family from West Virginia to Houston through a job opportunity and also shined upon them with a vision of church planting in Pearland. Since then, they have been going and serving in Pearland Chinese Church. Jerry and family moved to Pearland in 2014 to build a closer fellowship and relationship with brothers and sisters in Pearland campus. By the grace of God, Jerry and Sophia have been given a lot of opportunities to serve in various ministries (fellowship, education, worship, children, etc.). Also, Kairos Course opens Jerry’s eyes on global cross culture ministry a few years ago and he took a further course two years ago and become a certified Kairos facilitator. Brother Jerry currently serves as the campus deacon in Houston Chinese Church’s council as Pearland Chinese Church is a campus of Houston Chinese Church.


黄祖翔(Jerry)弟兄来自马来西亚,与太太万慧结婚十年并有二女。 Jerry弟兄于2001年受洗归主,太太万慧则是在2008受洗。主在2013年底透过工作把Jerry一家从西维吉尼亚州带来 休士顿,也透过梨城植堂来呼召他们服事。 2014年底,Jerry全家搬至梨城和梨城中国教会的弟兄姊妹一起努力为主作工。蒙主恩典和装备,Jerry夫妇俩一直有机会在教会各个事工(团契,教育,崇拜,儿童等)服事神。前年,主让Jerry弟兄有机会接受Kairos宣教课程的装备,而去年更是接受进深训练成为Kairos宣教课程国际认证导师。Jerry弟兄目前除了在晓士顿中国教会长执会当中担任梨城分堂执事,也在梨城教会负责总务。





 Nathan Tan 何宣理


Children’s Ministry 儿童事工


Nathanael Tan was born in Dallas, TX, but was raised in Houston, TX; Beaverton, OR; and Lilburn, GA. He began volunteering in Children's Ministry in 2011 at Atlanta Chinese Christian Church, where he was baptized on December 15, 2013. In 2020, he began volunteering with the Pearland Campus' Children's Ministry, and in June 2021, was offered and accepted the job of Children's Ministry Intern. As of the beginning of 2022, he is finishing up his fourth year at the University of Houston, looking to graduate in May with a B.A. in Religious Studies and a minor in Asian American Studies.


Nathanael Tan 何宣理出生在德州达拉斯,但在休斯顿、俄勒冈州比弗顿城和佐治亚州利尔本城长大。他于2011年开始在亚特兰大华人基督教会的儿童事工中做义工,并于20131215日在那里受洗。2020年,他开始在梨城中国教会的儿童事工做义工,20216月,他擔任儿童事工实习生的工作。20225月預定毕业於休斯顿大学完成获得宗教研究学士学位,并辅修亚美研究。




George Chen 陈治 弟兄


Youth Ministry 青少年事工


Brother George Chen was born in Nagasaki, Japan, and has lived in several countries in Asia and Africa. At the age of 12, he moved to the United States from Taiwan with his family and currently works as an engineer with Chevron in Downtown Houston.In 1990 George and his wife Sandra accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and they were baptized together. Soon after that, George began serving in youth ministry, teaching English Sunday school. In 2020 he completed a master's degree in apologetics at Biola University Talbot Theological Seminary. In the summer of 2016, George and his family moved to Houston from Los Angeles due to a job relocation. They are currently serving in the Pearland Chinese Church and George is a member of the leadership team. George and Sandra have been married for 30 years and have three sons, Christian, Matthew, and Joshua. The whole family serves the Lord and is grateful for the blessings of God.


陈治弟兄出生于出生于日本长崎,曾居住过亚洲和非洲数个国家。 12岁时从台湾和家人移居美国,目前任职于Chevron能源公司担任工程师。陈治弟兄与妻子于1990年一同信主,受洗,之后不久便开始在青少年事工服事、教导英文主日学,并于2020年在Biola大学Talbot神学院完成护教学硕士学位。 2016年夏天因工作关系,陈治全家从洛杉矶搬来休士顿,目前在梨城中国教会服事,是领袖同工团队的成员之一。陈治与妻子Sandra结婚至今满30年,育有ChristianMatthew、和Joshua三个儿子,全家都在教会服事主,是蒙神赐福的一家人。






Shawn Shen 沈士钧 弟兄


Worship Ministry 敬拜事工


Brother Shawn Shen was born in Shanghai, China, at the age of 15, he moved to the United States from China and currently works as a program manager with Google.  In 1999 Shawn accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior in West Virginia.  Shawn and his family moved to Houston from Pittsburgh PA in 2016. Shawn and his wife Jessica have been married for 15 years and have two children, Ivan and Ruby.  Shawn and Jessica both serve the Lord and are grateful for the blessings of God.


沈士钧弟兄生于中国上海,15岁从中国移居美国,目前在谷歌担任项目经理。沈弟兄于1999年在西弗吉尼亚受洗归主。 沈弟兄和他的家人于2016年从宾夕法尼亚州匹兹堡移居休斯顿。沈弟兄和他的妻子静君姊妹已经结婚15年,育有两个孩子,山钦和梓珊。沈弟兄和静君姊妹都在教会服事主,是蒙神赐福的一家人。




Kaiwei Chang 张楷炜 弟兄 


Adult Education 成人教育

Brother Kaiwei Chang has retired. Brother Kaiwei and his wife Margot are blessed to have three children and seven grandchildren. Brother Kaiwei and his wife joined Houston Chinese Church in 1988, then they joined Houston Chinese Church Pearland Campus in November 2014. Although brother Kaiwei is at his 70’s, he is still motivated by brothers and sisters who loves Jesus Christ and serves our Lord, and would like to serve our Lord together and build His glorious church with brothers and sisters. Brother Kaiwei is currently a member of the leadership team in Pearland Chinese Church, and serves to coordinate Adult Education Ministry.





Andy Chang 张庆安 弟兄 


Treasurer 财务


Brother Andy was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and moved to the United States with his family at the age of 11. Andy accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior in 2000 and was baptized at Houston Chinese Church. Today his family lives in Pearland and both Andy and his wife Rita are serving in the Pearland Chinese Church. Andy and Rita have been married for more than 20 years and have two children. He is currently working as a Procurement Manager for a petrochemical company in downtown Houston.


张庆安弟兄出生在台湾,十一岁随同家人移民美国。张弟兄于2000年在晓士顿 中国教会受洗,归入主耶稣基督名下。张弟兄与妻子如君姐妹结婚20年定居在梨城;二人育有一女一子,并且一同在梨城中国教会事奉。张弟兄目前任职于休士顿的石油化学公司采购部门经理 




Jijiang Zhu 朱继江 弟兄 


Welcome and Receiving 新来宾关怀


Brother Jijiang came to United States in 2000, together with his wife and daughter. Then he and his wife began to take part in the fellowship and Bible study in a church. His wife decided to accept Jesus as her personal Savior and was baptized in 2004 in Houston Chinese Church. Brother Jijiang and his family started to attend fellowship, Bible study and worship in Houston Chinese Church Pearland Campus from 2013. In 2018, brother Jijiang made a decision to accept Jesus as his personal Savior in the Spring Evangelical Meeting of Pearland Campus and was baptized in the Passover of the next year in Houston Chinese Church. Brother Jijiang has been working in Texas Medical Center since he came to United States. He and his wife are now serving in the Pearland Campus.